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Ich bin ja, Herr, in Deiner Macht
May 12, 2009
Hi, all, my name is Brad James, and I've joined SMA via Scott's videos, which I first saw over Agape Modeling. I'm a toy soldier painter and collector-yes, toy soldiers!-and also a scale modeler who went through the common hiatus from the end of high school until early middle age. For models, I build primarily aircraft, but I believe that a modeler ought to be able to turn his skills to any subject, and I've got armor, ships, space ships and the odd car or two under my belt.

Besides that, I work for a software and business management company here in the Valley, I ride bike for sport (too slow to play softball anymore) and to raise money to fight MS, I belong to a community theater, where I work primarily in lighting (though it got to be too much like a job, so I had to scale back a bit), and I occasionally brew my own beer.

And I love the Lord, and I wish I had paid better attention when I was younger, instead of having to learn those lessons the hard way. But isn't that often the way?

Thanks for having me, and I look forward to being part of the community here!

(No signature yet, I can't think of anything I haven't used elsewhere)


May 6, 2009
welcome! I look forward to seeing your soldiers. Is there any time period or country you like above others?


New Member
May 4, 2009
Wow mate, great presentation!!!!
It's great to have an allround skills modeller as well!!!
Can't wait to see your soldiers and your other stuff

Cheers and welcome aboard

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