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Jun 3, 2016
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Hello scale model addicts! My name is Dion Dunn, and I'm a scale model addict.....is that how it's supposed to go? :)

I've spent my entire life building models of one shape or another, but most of my life building and flying RC scale aircraft. I don't plan on stopping that, but I've been drawn back to the smaller, static subjects lately mainly because I like 'the build' as much as I like flying them. I've been hooked lately on some YouTube videos that demonstrate some absolutely amazing subjects, and now I want part of the action.

I'm also into cars. Again, I've spent a big chuck of my life building full scale formula race cars and older Porsches, and since I have one now that is original and unrestored, I don't plan on doing any building on it. So the outlet, build a replica model of course.

Anyway, I consider myself a rookie when it comes to this end of the hobby so I'm in full-on drink from a firehouse sponge mode. So far, I think I've found the right forum to learn from some really talented people and can't wait to get started.

I have two subjects on the planning board. A 1/72 scale Sparmann P-1 Swedish fighter trainer. I'm starting with that because it will eventually turn into a 1/4 scale RC subject for competition. Figured I'd start small first. The second subject is a 1/32 Arii Porsche 911s that will be painted and detailed to look like my 68 Bahama Yellow Porsche.



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Mar 18, 2013
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Welcome aboard , Dion

I'll definitely be looking for that 1/32 Porsche ;D

Cheers ,

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