Hello From The PNW!

CDA 455

Fox Two Away. Splash One Blue Bandit!
Just joined the website after getting back into modeling.

Got my son hooked on modeling and now I'm back into it as well!

Built my first model way back in 1971. A Revell B-24 Liberator.

Looking forward to gaining serious modeling tech on this website. There wasn't the WWW back when I built my last model (Late '80's) !!


" Ouch, Cut me finger again "
A big hearty welcome. Yeah, the WWW sure does make a huge difference. ;D
I only started modelling again this year after a similar hiatus from this awesome
hobby. :)


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Welcome to the family CDA! This place is full of info, simply ask away, and someone will know the answer. Glad you are coming back! :)


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Hi, howdy and welcome back! Nice to hear you're passing the torch. Niether of my kids took to the hobby, but I've managed to get both of my grandkids into it.