Have you noticed that plastic scale models are a rather expensive hobby these days?

the Baron

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May 12, 2009
...I figured out a little too late that Amazon and Amazon and EBay are definitely not the first places to go to buy kits...
It really depends on the circumstances.
I don't buy kits, new or old, through Amazon at all. I'll buy new kits from an online retailer, like SprueBrothers or HLJ first. Or from the producer, if possible. For example, I've bought directly from CMK. Amazon is just the middleman, in any case.
As for eBay, apart from the DoraWings kit I mentioned above, I'm buying second-hand kits. And there, I'll look for the best bargain I can get, like a Buy-It-Now offering with a low asking price and low shipping. Like I said before, I've got ideas of the prices I'm willing to pay for specific items, and I'm patient, so I can wait till I see the bargain I want. It's kind of like fishing.
I don't buy any supplies at all through Amazon, or on eBay, either. I buy my supplies locally as much as possible. We're fortunate here in the Lehigh Valley in that we still have a couple of old-time local hobby shops-including the longest continually-operating shop in Pennsylvania, open since 1948. And the arts & craft stores are good places for some things, too, places like Michael's or HobbyLobby. We even have a local Dick Blick store. So I get my paints "fresh" from the store, as it were, tools, also, or I order those from the producer or other online retailers.
It takes time, you build up your own store of knowledge about where you can find things.
Oh, and I'll put in a plug for another online seller for supplies for figure painters: Dave Youngquist of Last Cavalry, website is http://lastcavalry.com/. Dave does the figure show circuit, as well as selling online. He also has a YouTube channel where he shares his tips for painting figures. I think he also collaborates with Michigan Toy Soldier on that effort. Dave's a good guy to get to know.
That's something else you can build up over time, too-relationships with vendors and other artists, and that network can help you find things. too.

Wolf Star

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Dec 10, 2014
I'm guessing it would not be too rough to convert that into a short ranged Cruise Missile.
BRB, I know a guy...lol

Actually I think Dave from Last Cavalry is/was a member here at this forum. I've bought some stuff from his shop before too, nice guy.


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Dec 29, 2021
I just got back into doing this and I was shocked at the prices of these models. I remember 25 years ago when I was doing this we had a Toys R US back then with lots of model kits. Anyway I bought a Cutty Sark that was probably nearly 2 feet long. It was a big scale though I dont remember what it was now. I probably paid $50 back then for it. Now I would have to have a small loan from a bank. Same goes for a lot of Star Trek model kits. Use to build then as well and they were like 25 or so now they are 3 or 4 times that which is ridiculous. I sort of assumed the cost was because of lack of interest these days. Too many people would rather spend time on the computer with facebook getting likes.

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