Has anyone built a display table for the PL 1/350 TOS E or modded an endtable to mount it?


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Jun 27, 2021
So here in a couple months I'll start work on the PL 1/350 TOS E. I was gonna simply put it on a shelf when done, but as I worry about shelf dives, my GF suggested getting a cheap end table and mounting it permanently to it. I like the idea, but all the endtables I've been looking at online and elsewhere are of course fancyish, even cheap ones.

I want something very simple and basic. Hell, a 3 ft tall wood box that I could paint black and access the inside of would work for me. But I might have to try to build that.

So, question is if anyone has done something similar for their 1/350 kit, or have built a specialized display table for it. If so, any tips?

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