Greetings from New York


Scale Model Pyrate
Sep 25, 2010
My parents named me William, my Marines named me "Doc" and I am a scale modeling addict.
I began using scale models at the ripe old age of four when my father (out of self defense) bought me a 1/72 scale snap tight set of three "hero" planes of WWII. He built rigged sailing ships and I always wanted to "help". He took me to the Base Exchange and let me pick out a model kit. Of course, I picked out some giant aircraft carrier or something as ridiculous but he convinced me to pick out the planes. The kit was an Aurora set with a Spitfire, an ME-109 and a P-51 Mustang. Proudly, I built my masterpieces only sticking my hand to the desk with paint a couple times. Before long I was prowling the hobby aisles at the Exchange trying to convince them I "NEEDED" another model. In classic enabler fashion, my parents provided me models for holidays and birthdays,

This went on until I was old enough to get a paper route and make my own money. Each day on the walk home from school I'd stop at the hardware store in town (we'd moved off base by now) and calculate how many papers I'd have to deliver to buy a certain kit. I suppose the argument could be made that this constant ciphering taught me how to do math in my head but it's small comfort in light of the untold fortunes spent on models.

Today, my kit stash hovers somewhere north of 1000 with no end in sight. My stash contains mostly cars and trucks with a smattering of Planes helicopters and ships (mostly sailing ships - thanks Dad).

I build mostly for fun but I do enter competitions and build on commission for private collectors and museums. I'll build anything that comes in a box but I prefer non NASCAR Race cars, and heavy commercial trucks. I also build a lot of USMC subjects.

I belong to three local clubs where I can get the support of other afflicted individuals. I'm the current Regional Coordinator for IPMS USA Region 1.

In addition to butchering plastic, I'm an avid War Gamer and Model Railroad Engineer. I'm also a rabid Motorsports fan.

I'm maried 21 years to the worlds most understanding woman. We are child free but raise and train Australian Shepherds.

To pay for it all I am a Lieutenant with a mid sized Fire Department in NY. I am currently the OIC of the Fire Investigation Unit.

I keep hoping that by hanging out in places like this I can finally learn something after more than 40 years and actually get good at it.

Thanks for reading, we now return you to your regularly scheduled lives...



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May 19, 2009
Howdy Doc.Glad to have you aboard. The story of your childhood caused me to have a flashback!! Pretty much how I spent my time back then too.


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May 22, 2009
Sounds like you'll definitely fit in around here, Doc.
Your tale made me think of my own modelling beginnings.