Gorgon Sister - The Scorpion

Go Flight

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May 11, 2009
This time around I took Greenwell Studios Gorgon Sister out of the stash to work on. I tried looking for info about Greenwell, but apparently they have disappeared. Too bad, they had good kits. If I remember correctly, there was 3 or 4 different Gorgon busts.
Anyway, after it's cleaning, I primed it in the usual way -


At this point I actually left it for a few weeks. I kind of liked that way it looked in the black and white. But then I decided put put paint on it. Here it is base coated -


As with a lot of my base coats, the colors never last. I always end up changing my mind. At first I started with a darker skin thinking Mediterranean, but then I always make busts paler. Here she is with the finished colors -


My original idea for a dark Scorpion headress changed as too much detail would be lost. Then I've been seeing mini painters do a terrific job at painting lenses/gems etc... so I decided to make the large circle on the front a gem. I need work on doing them. ;) It was also my first time at trying a marble pattern. Turned out ok...
Here she is from other angles. Thanks for looking -