Gee Bee Racer


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Apr 24, 2009
Hi folks. Sorry for the delay in creating this thread - so busy everywhere. Feel free to discuss the Gee Bee build here and a sincere thank you for watching!
The little Gee Bee's lookin great, love the cheap sticker idea.
Scroll saw and a router table man how lucky are you.

PS would have loved to see a Vlog demise of the old spray booth. ;)
She's lookin' good Scott. Kinda nice to slap together a nice simple kit from time to time eh? And I agree that it's a good thing our wives don't throw out everything that's stinky and loud, alot of us would be living in the garage if they did I'm sure.
Who's the monkey?
GEE BEE is cool,I especially like the solution and masking for the paint job.
Thanks all. I"m just about finished this - worked on the final vid this afternoon.
The latest video shows the trashed spraybooth. I'm gonna build another and make a DIY out of it.
The 'monkey'? You mean my son Tristen. Yeah, he's a monkey.
You called him a monkey first! I was just wondering.
I had three monkeys. . .try working on a kit with all three in the model room with you at the same time.
Like taking your kids fishing, between baiting and casting and untangling YOU will not get a chance to fish.
I swear my middle son ran a constant experiment to see how fast an uncapped bottle of TenX7R could evaporate.
(Pretty fast I am here to tell you)
I really like the idea with the stickers as well! At first I really didn't know, what you want to do with them and wondered, where all those letters will go, but then... then I got it. So simple, yet effect. Very well done.

I actually don't like the look of the Gee Bee at all, though. Looks like a flying Egg. :p
A flying egg indeed. It is an odd design - and apparently very difficult to fly. Oh, it's finished by the way. Final vid for this 'shorty' tomorrow.
Lovin' the new build. I did this same plane last year except mine was completely covered in kitechen foil for a natural metal finish. I masked everything using blue painters tape and carefully cut with a sharp #11 blade.
I have pictures somewhere of a step-by-step that I will try and find to post.
WOW Scott, the Gee Bee Racer came out great!

I really love the diorama and the rigging to the aircraft. Awesome work! Thanks for the new season. :)

Best regards

:eek: WOW :eek: The little Gee Bee Bird turned out sweet!
What a great idea for a display base, very realistic, top notch mate for so few hours spent.
Regarding the correct name for the post: Doohickys, if I'm correctly mistaken is the right terminology LOL.

I really like the idea for those pole things! Very well done. That great base complements the well done Gee Bee and makes it look a tad better. :)
Been a while since I checked in. I am really impressed by your base idea. If you don't mind I will adopt it for my own GEE BEE. For a guy that doesn't always know what is the "right" way to do something you do excellent work. I am inspired by your fearlessness. When a build goes south for me I watch a couple of your videos and it gets me back in the game.
Thanks for a great resource.
It brought back great memories of my build of the same kit. (It's hanging from the ceiling of my hobby room right now). Well done buddy.
Thanks all. Funny thing though. The floor is plastic, CA'd to a pine base. It has 'rippled'. The wood must've dried out, causing the plastic to 'buckle' in areas where there was no glue. DOH! Looks like I'll have to redo the base....sometime.

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