Framing Techniques


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Nov 26, 2020
I'm beginning to plan a 1:48 scale building of my dad's farm house. I've only made one model building before, mostly as a test to establish techniques for later. I'm hoping for others to share their technique for wall framing, and any other advice you may have.

On my first model I decided to frame the 4 walls individually and then assemble each to the base. The inset below shows how I did that - just using a steel square on a sheet of glass to arrange the studs and glued it up. It didn't seem practical to try to glue between the joints, so I just placed a drop of glue on the back of each joint and let it seep in. Surprisingly this worked very well and I ended up with sturdy wall assemblies.

The assembly/gluing technique is mostly what I was curious about. How do other modelers go about gluing wall assemblies? Any improvements to my last method are appreciated.

Next: Handling tiny, tiny pieces. If I can stay true to 1:48 scale, handling scaled bits of 2 x 4 sounds tricky (studs would be ~1.07mm x 2.11mm). Has anyone here framed a model with material that small, or smaller? Wondering if anyone has discovered tools that might help. A long, sharp pair of tweezers come to mind, but maybe there's something better.

And finally: Selecting a base, or floor. I just used a piece of craft plywood (around 3/16" thick, I think) for the floor/base and glued the walls to the floor. Is that a common way of doing that?

Thanks in advance for any tips you can share.