First with the Ford Class Carrier model ?


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Mar 18, 2013
Who will be first to release a kit of the new Ford Class ?
My money's on Trumpeter

I definitely want one in 1/700


CVN-78 Ford , CVN-79 Kennedy , CVN-80 Enterprise , CVN-81 Doris Miller
CVN-82 is unnamed , scheduled to replace the Theodore Roosevelt

....... my old ship , the Theodore Roosevelt .
Ship's company for a little over 51 months , Reactor Mechanical Division :

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And quietly a great Australian success story. Love their Cats especially. Ride really well no matter what the sea state.
Wow ! that transport looks to be a bunch of flat stock, some pill bottles, p/e railings, evergreen 'U' ,'T', and rods...and some good interior framing...they wouldn't release any blue prints would they? ....lmao
USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69), left, and the French aircraft carrier FS Charles de Gaulle (R91) sail in formation on March 3, 2020. US Navy Photo


USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) arrives in Da Nang, Vietnam on March 5, 2020. US Navy Photo

did you watch those vids ?
The one with that squadron commander ...
SOMETHING is flying around out there .
after he describes his encounter he talks about east coast flyers that are seeing the cubes inside spheres -- Uuuhh WTF !!

and what that helicopter pilot told him

W T F ?!
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... She's currently quarantined in Guam with COVID-19 , along with the Reagan .

a photo from shock trials -- I think this was the 4th blast ,,, the 3rd one broke everything that was going to break .

Very unsettling watching the main steam piping dancing around .


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