F-35b build part 3


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Apr 29, 2024
I'm still waiting on my mask set so I can paint the outside. But there's always tons of little things to do. Here's this some of the stuff what I've been doing. Mostly that nitpicky boring stuff that we like so much! I also included a couple pictures of where I paint. I paint outside under the patio. I don't have any fan system. I figure I'm out back Breeze is blowing and I'm wearing my respirator. Remember I'm old school. Paint brush and spray cans, yeah buddy. But I'm a retired Carpenter who has at least three compressors hanging around. And what I keep all my painting supplies in is an old tote I got at Walmart or somewhere at least 20-30 years ago. I bought three of them. One holds cooking supplies pots and pans. One holds the bedding and tent and the other holds food. I used to Camp all the time. Fish. Backpack. Good Times. But now they're just sitting in my garage at least one of them empty. What to do with it? So I turned it on its side and prop the lid up installed a little piece of wire that way if I want to I can hang up my light out here. And if we ever get a haboob, which is several times in the summer, I can just close the lid up. So I will post more pictures especially when I'm painting the outside that should be kind of neat. Oops. I got off tangent. Old school paint. I never thought I would own an airbrush but here I am. I got on YouTube and I did not want to spend a hundred bucks so I bought the cheapy Neo Echo from China. 40 bucks. And yes the guy was right it did come with a lot of extras that do come in handy. But I used it four five six times and it broke so I said the hell with it and bought a badger Patriot 105. That is a nice airbrush for what I need it for. Not small little details I don't do portraits or nothing like that but when I want to lay down some paint and switch between colors in a jiffy? Perfect for what I need it for. Do you think Badger will send me their top-of-the-line airbrush since I promoted their product? Dream On.









What's happening on this fine day fellow modelers? I have a feeling winter is over spring is almost gone and here comes summer because out back it's 97°. And I was out back throwing on some black primer and another coat to the missiles. Now I take everything back in and I have some absolute fun at the modeling table. I've been looking at this Sprue and singing an old song called your time is going to come. LOL so anyways here's some pictures and these kids I'm telling you I haven't run into any Flash. None.




Nice, I can't wait to see more progress. I like Badger brushes quite a bit. I find their customer service to be top notch and the guns are warranted for life (labor) parts cost extra, but usually the parts are pretty cheap.
This whole plane I use the badger 105. Brand new out of the box. I haven't even disassembled the nozzle yet or done anything except clean it real quick and clean the needle. It's a joy. I can switch between colors in a matter of half of minute. I like that the bowl is one piece because I use LP a lot. In fact I just got finished spraying the body color I'll shoot some pictures out.







And yes I realize I haven't put the model together to paint it. Like I normally do. I'm so used to Revell kits and trying to figure out how to glue this piece to that piece but there's nothing there. Wtf? This is my second Tamia kit. I noticed they hide their seam lines very well. You can almost paint on the sprue. So I decided to build it this way because the only thing I might have to touch up is where it joins right after the air intake just back until the wing. Everything else is a separate piece
The main parts went together pretty nice. The next step is touch up the body and the paint should be dry enough tomorrow so I can mask and throw on some trim paint.. I don't know I've heard that with LP paint you can mask after an hour of drying but I don't know about that. That sounds kind of fishy. So I just wait till the next day





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