F-15E Final tweaks done.


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A while ago, I finished the Revell 1/48 F-15E. The kit was incredible! An absolute joy to build. The two main drawbacks were that the seats had no lap belts molded on them. As they were otherwise excellent parts, I got the PE set and that was that.

the second thing, and biggest gripe everyone has. It has NO BOMBS! The ground attack version of the Eagle. No bombs. Ground attack. No bombs. REALLY????? Revell really dropped the ball there. But still, great kit. I have another one I will be doing in the next month or two.

Soooo, a couple weeks ago, I got the Hasegawa weapons kits with bombs. I asked about load outs here, and was given great reference material so I could put a realistic load on it. Which I did.

While I was at it, I got a couple sets of resin pitot tube covers and replaced the ones I made out of lead foil. Mine looked good, but were not shaped correctly. These resin ones rock.

So here is my totally finished, no more tweaks (that I can think of) to be done F-15E. Hope you all like.

A fine looking aircraft you've got yourself! All the covers and remove-before-flight tags are a great way to break up the gray all over this aircraft. Excellent job!

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