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Sep 19, 2023
New back to modeling. I seem to be into engines. Right now I'm building a Haynes V8. It's challenging, I'll tell you.
My " style " ?

So you won't be sharing any photos of what you are building ?
Look around and into older posts and threads for ideas and/or solutions. Post lots of pictures, don't worry about selfies.... We really enjoy seeing each other's work :)
I've built several real engines (on a stand, in the garage) but these little engine do look challenging! I really want to attempt to add small detail like plug wires but I am not sure my big, shaky fingers can do it!
I don't have a cell phone or a camera. Well, I sort of have a cell. But it doesn't work. Really, it was never meant to work.
Just asking .
You certainly don't have to post photos - you don't have to even build models to be here .
I wasn't sure if you were joking around or not .

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