Elmer's white glue to anchor animal and people figurines to a surface.


Oct 30, 2020
I have animal and people figurines standing on my window sill as a display. Farmer with pitch fork, farm animals and dog miniature figurines. If the windows are opened up in windy Oklahoma for ventilation, these figurines easily get blown over. The figurines are variously painted resin, porcelain and plastic.

I had been putting a blob of blue LocTite Fun Tack putty on the feet of these pieces but the blue is unsightly. I then got the notion to put a drop of Elmer's on the feet of the figures to hold them steady. They are now glued not directly to the window sill but to painted 2x6 pine boards I made to elevate them up about two inches so their feet are not hidden behind the window sash bottoms and provide a terrain-like base since I used a flat earth-tone spray paint to resemble ground. I also have a die-cast farm tractor scale model where the farm miniatures are displayed.

I read that Elmer's can be softened up with water and alcohol to make it easier to remove. It's supposed to be water soluble. I thought about using clear silicone adhesive but that stuff is really messy to work with. I used a drop of it to anchor my sitting German shepherd dog figurine to my r/c model boat's deck, however. There is a small drop of this calking between his fanny and the deck of the boat and it appears neat and well-hidden.

Back to my window display. I may have to remove the figurines from their wooden sill bases some day. Hopefully the famous white school adhesive can be removed without damaging the bottoms of the feet of the figurines or the paint on the wood. I understand many hobbyists and woodworkers use good ol white Elmer's for 1000's of purposes.

What do people here think of using Elmer's to make window-sill-displayed miniatures windproof? Elmer's is probably used a lot on model railroad layouts to firmly plant standing scenery objects like trees. Objects like geese, ducks and chickens have a large base so I can use a tiny ball of Fun Tack in those cases since the figurine's large base hides it well. I have to use a drop of Elmer's on each of the farmer's boot soles and two of the horse's hoof bottoms, however. I just put a spec of Elmer's on one front foot and one rear foot of the standing four-legged animals. It's supposed to get somewhat clear and inconspicuous when it dries hard. A little blob of blue Fun Tack can go under the fanny of a sitting animal. I used silicone on the model boat to anchor the dog since it is exposed to water. The silicone goop can be easily removed dried by pulling a piece of thread or dental floss between the object and the surface it's bonded to and rubbing it off with my fingers. Epoxy is rather messy to work with too.
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Oct 26, 2020
I use Elmers to mount my AC builds on a base. Currently working on a diorama, some items will be glued down and some I will put pins in their feet because I will push them into the styrofoam on the base to secure them.

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