Easy Wood Floor Technique.

Aug 31, 2023
This is only my second pickup model. And I really don't like having to paint the wood pickup bed floor.

I used to paint it one color, then dry brush another color or two onto it to highlight the wood grain. And then apply a clearcoat with a tint. It was tough to do. So I tried a different technique and it was so easy I have to share.......

The wood floor in this pickup was completed in 4 steps.

1. I brush painted the whole floor in a Desert Sand color from Vallejo.

2. Then I took one of AK's watercolor pencils, the Dark Chipping For Wood pencil and held it perpendicular to the wood floor and just scribbled. The watercolor pencil only colored the raised woodgrain texture.

3. Then once I scribbled onto all the raised woodgrain I took some Tamiya X-24 Clear Yellow, thinned it with Mr Leveling Thinner, and then sprayed it onto the bed floor with my airbrush.

4. Lastly, I took a 2mm Molotov Chrome marker and colored in the metal strips. This works really easily because the marker kinda rests into the channels. So you can just run it along the metal strips carefully and it stays put.

And then you end up with a bed floor like this.


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