Dragon Smart Kits 1/35 and photo etch


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A lot of the small scale armour kits I've encountered with photo etch also have styrene parts to use instead of the PE. Does anyone know if Dragon's 1/35 Smart Kits (e.g. the Panzerjager I with the 30 sided gun shield and 47 mm gun) have plastic parts to use instead of the photo etch?


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I don't know .


I'm pretty sure you'll get an answer if you ask that over @ Armorama in the AFV section .
There's guys over there that know more than the manufacturer :eek:

maybe check out this guy's channel -- he does nothing but Dragon : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbq6MuOPYQ96EUwKqJhocAQ/videos

good luck !