Diorama Rezna P.234 Hovertank


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Dec 19, 2012
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Category: Diorama

Name of Build: Rezna P.234 Hovertank

Kit manufacturer: Dragon

Scale: 1/35

This was an OOTB build, but not quite like your usual fair. I took Dragon's latest 234/4 and turned it into a hovertank using the parts, stretched sprue, tires for the dio, and even the bags for the windscreen. It features roller mines made from hubcaps, a cannon, a dual blaster made from parts and fire extinguishers, a 2 person command chair, a rifle on the wall, removable engine cover, removable rear cover, flip-down ramp, PE seat-belts, and small maps inside made from the instruction manual. You can even see the Dragon logo as the gunner's screensaver.

Rocks were cast from molds, then cut and modified, then depressed in DAS clay. I added the worn tires as well for more scenery.

I'd say nearly 85% of the kit was used.

Build log: http://www.scalemodeladdict.com/SMF/index.php/topic,10960.0.html

Additional geekery: http://rebelscale.com/customs/scifi/rezna_p234.html

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