Diorama for 8th Air Force Museum (Old)


Dec 17, 2022
This a small documentary I produced back in 1996. It is about the creation of a large model diorama for the Mighty 8th Air Force Museum in Savannah GA. I was lucky enough to work on the project, mostly on buildings and figures.
The video is just chock full of mistakes and not-quite-ready technology of the day. Steady-cam wasn't much then, so those prone to motion sickness may want to take a Dramamine before viewing. The fact that I had to capture it off of an old VHS tape doesn't help either.
The diorama is still on display, although it's in dire need of a cleaning. I also helped build a second diorama for that museum, depicting a raid on the Ploesti oil refinery in WWII.

"A Mighty Tribute" on Vimeo

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