Dark World Creations - 2000AD release Judge Anderson


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Apr 24, 2009
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Dark World Creations is proud to announce our 2000AD release Judge Anderson.

Judge Anderson is a member of the PSI Division, which are Judges who possess psychic powers. This allows her to read peoples minds and use mental attacks. Judge Anderson was instrumental is stopping the first attack from the Dark Judges in Mega City One. Mega City One is one of the three areas to survive the nuclear war of 2070. It extends along most of the eastern American seaboard. Millions are crammed into skyscraper apartment blocks where unemployment is extensive and crime is of epidemic proportions. Only the Judges guard the city from complete anarchy.

This model is based on the iconic 80’s version of Judge Anderson and was inspired by stories such as The Dark Judges by John Wagner and Brian Bolland.

Available at www.darkworldcreations.com and Ebay

Cast in detailed resin, this 70mm figure measures approximately 67mm in height. The figure is supplied unpainted and requires assembly.

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