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Aug 27, 2010
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This is my first SBS (Step by Step) on how to paint figure so it is not so exact as it could be also this is my first figure I will paint with an airbrush. I got so exited during painting process and that’s why I did make to many photos during the process.

Figure is made entirely out of resin. I cleaned it from any mold release residue that could have still been on the figure just by washing it in the water with dish detergent. However, before gluing I reinforced the connection points by drilling holes and gluing copper wire inside. Blade was made of resin and was very misshaped so I replaced it with one maid out of stainless steel. After assembly I filled all the gaps and sanded the whole figure to prepare it for surface. Then I primed it with Mr. Resin Surfacer.

I started painting figure from the brightest color - for this purpose, I used Interior Color (223) from Gaianotes Company.

After drying, the base color was brightened with Frat White (011) at first in a mix of 1:1. Highest and most lightened areas where then painted with color Frat White (011).Then I began to darken the base color by adding to Interior Color (223) a bit of Silent Gray (303) and painting only the shadowed areas. After drying I sealed it with Dullocout from Testors.

Before I applied next color I masked ale the areas that needed to be white.
The base orange color was obtained by mixing Daidai Orange (015) and Orange Yellow (025). To tone down the color – so it want stand out so much - I added a little of Dunkel Gelb (201). After mixing the color I painted all the places that should be orange with an even layer. In order to make the highlights to the base color I gradually added a Notes Flesh (051) each time covering smaller areas of the areas that would receive more light. Shades of orange parts were made by adding a little Rot Braun (203) to the basic color this time painting shadowed places. Again I sealed it with dullcout and took of the masking.

Once again I mask all the areas that suppose to be white and orange and prepare the base color to gray-blue elements of the suit. For that I mix Silent Gray (303) and dark blue color from the Gaianotes limited school uniforms series. Highlights were made by gradually adding color Frat White (011) and shadows by simply adding more dark blue in to the base mixture. Entire figure was sealed again with Dullcot and masking was removed.

Screws were painted with Gory Red Vallejo (11) Game Color and Neutral Grey Vallejo (70,992) Color Model. It is time to make panel lines stand out a bit – for this purpose I prepared a mixture of Vallejo Black (950), Retarder Dryling Vallejo (597) and water. When the mix is prepared I paint entire figure in the recesses with a brush.

After everything dries I sealed it with Testors Satin Varnish.
Now it's time for extras.
Pouch was painted with Frat Black (012) and then brightened by gradually adding to the base color Frat White (011). Then I masked of elements that needed to stay black and painted the rest with Dunkel Gelb (201), which was then highlighted by adding Frat White (011). After removing the masking tape every thing was again sealed with with Testors Dullcoute.
Sword hilt was painted with a mix of Light Stainless Silver (1001) and the Frat Black (012), and then highlighted with Ligot Stainless Silver (1001). Mix of Gold (94 Revell) and Gloss Black (Model Master) was used to paint the hilt protection. After that highlights were made with pure Gold (94 Revell). Once again everything was sealed with Testors Dullcout. Just like on the figure recess were painted a mixture of Vallejo Black (950), Retarder Dryling Vallejo (597) and water.

Cable connecting swords handle and pouch was painted with primer paint and then with highly thinned Vallejo Black (950) Model Color. After this dried cable was painted with Tamiya’s Smoke (X-19). "The Eye" was painted with Humbrol Clear Red (old series). After everything dried I just needed to glue all parts together.

If you have any questions feel free to ask on PM or e-mail ([email protected])
Lukasz Ziolkowski

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