Correct thinner for cleaning enamel paint from airbrush.


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Oct 9, 2022
Good evening fellow builders, I was wondering if lacquer thinner is the correct type to use when cleaning enamel paint out of my airbrush. I am taking a break from my normal builds, aircraft, ships and tanks to kick out a few cars. I have a good stash of 70s 80s nascar kits and am wanting to perfect my gloss finish painting skills. Normally i use MM, Tamiya and vallejo paints for my military builds. i realize rust-oleum has bought out testers, at least their aerosol cans. My favorite method is to decant the amount of paint into a jar for airbrushing after 30 minutes sitting i have a perfect batch of paint ready for the airbrush. today i shot the red color on my salvineosJR donny Allison monte carlo in the booth. Lacquer works on enamel for cleaning but tends to cause the remains of paint to kind of clot or ball up instead of reducing and making it easier to wipe away. 20221107_172247.jpg 20221107_172247.jpg 20221107_172247.jpg


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Mar 18, 2013
I like using turpentine . Odorless mineral spirits too .
Xylol ( Xylene , dimethylbenzene ) works better , especially if it's dried , but I'm not a fan of the odor .

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