Confederate Artillery

the Baron

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May 12, 2009
That came out pretty nicely! You overcame the kit issues well.
Don't misunderstand me please. The kits are good I just don't like all the gaps and the warped parts in the kits I've gotten so far. The B17 kit I got I couldn't get together due to the problems.
Right but that was my point about Lindberg kits. They were engineered many years ago, when expectations about the quality weren't as high as they are today. Add to that the age of the tooling. We need to keep that in mind, if we choose to build a Lindberg kit. To the early generations of modelers, things like good fit didn't matter as much. They built the model in an afternoon, and often took it outside to play with. As they grew up, so did the hobby. Like I said about this kit, when it came out, it was a sensation. So, for anyone who has never built a Lindberg kit, keep an open mind, and try it, but be aware, you're not buying Tamiya, or Hasegawa, or Dragon.


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Mar 4, 2021
Thanks. Now if I could just remember where I put the buckets and cannon rods I'd be happier and I've bought some more Lindbergh models planes and a battleship.

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