Citroen DS3 WRC 1/24 Decals help.

Hi guys, been a while since I posted last.

But I need some help.

I recently bought a Heller 1/24 Citroen DS3 WRC Kit & I wanted to put some aftermarket decals on.

Namely, the livery from the 2015 season that Citroen changed half-way through the season from Rally Portugal onwards, as seen below.

But I can't find the decal sheet anywhere worldwide in 1/24, all sites are out of stock.

I've found plenty of 1/43 sized decals & some of the sites are listing the 1/24 out of stock included with a transkit from MF-Zone, but they dont make them anymore, as I contacted them about the set.

So, have any of you guys got a spare decal sheet for this livery or have one stored on your computer that can be emailed over?

Any help would be gratefully received.

Cheers in advance,



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Don't have that in that scale ,
but you could scan what you can get in the 43rd scale and adjust them for size in 1/24 and re-print them


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Pretty much any image software .
Paint ?
Just adjust the original to fit the new percentage .