Change? CHANGE!? I'm sculpting myself a Daruma.


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Nov 19, 2021
I went to do some building this last weekend, stepped into my office, and had a small panic attack.
I decided to rip all of my corporate work anything out of the room to fix this problem, lol.
As a result my hobby space is in need of severe cleaning before using again, but is also a dedicated happy/creative space only, no feelings of Corpo soul selling allowed.
As a side project to do a soft reset, to try something new, and give myself a totem that applies to my life I've started sculpting myself a Daruma:
I've used Miliput standard as the base, and plan to model a face onto it out of Miliput superfine. I've never done humanoid anything anyhow, so this will be a fun time.
I'm also painfully unpracticed and ignorant when it comes to sculpting and modeling with NOT plastic, lol.

This has some symbolism relevant to me right now, as I'm going to be going to school full time while I work in IT full time... to learn a craft so I can never work in IT again, and avoid working for a large corporation if at all possible, lol. Even when this is "Finished" it will have no pupils.
A pupil to be added when I start my goal (semester begin) and a pupil to be added on completion of school is the goal.
I am excited to be able to sand and file this, as well as not having to wait on it possibly exploding in a kiln!


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Mar 18, 2013