Carro Armato L6/40 [Italeri, 1:35]

Panzer Machine

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Exactly as in the case of the Revell Pz Kpfw 35 ( t), this model (Italeri item 6469 ) also I began to build a year ago and after a while landed in the cupboard. I wanted to have this model only for testing paint, so I finish the build very fast.
The model itself it was very cool. Only two parts do not match and had to be combined by force.
I wanted to make standing wreck somewhere in the desert painted by graffiti artists . All these small paintings are painted by hand. I used to model a set of aging from AK - Interactive Crusted Deposit Rust ( 4110 ) and Burnt Vehicle Set ( 4120 ) . I must admit that very interesting effects can be achieved in a relatively short period of time , especially those with those Crusted Rust.