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Apr 24, 2009
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Category: Air

Name of Build: Canberra

Kit manufacturer: Airfix

Scale: 1/48

The build of this one was out of the box straightforward real work came in painting usually a technique that I saw somebody else to my using the main colour and then added a couple of drops of white paint the original pay to make it lighter and X 20 so that they were blamed in the center of the panel then further lightning the colour and more X 20 am doing the panel's again after the camo using the original grey at 75% X 20 to 25% paint I did the post shading for the panel lines and up at two coats are finished on then came the decals and more currents are finished then used the dark dirt wash to give it that grimy look for further couple of coats of finish to give the final affect.

Canberra Airfix 1/48 Build complete

Final Images


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