Canadian Army LAV-III (Trumpeter 1/35 kit w. Black Dog stowage set)


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i like the boxes stuffed in were the winch should be., and its turning out really good cars


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Fair enough! Thanks or the background story! Nice link! Vey inspirational!

As for the Winch you kept!
Are you planning to build a Canadian LAV 2 Bison Recovery vehicle ?

It's pretty much in the open on the roof next to the large storage box.

Can't wait for that one to make it on the market! Either Resin or Styrene!

The Americain version (available) isn't the same as ours.... They kept the LAV upper section. We have modified the Bison upper section.... Boxier Than a normal LAV.

Later buddy! And great work again!
Let me know if you are planning the LAV 2 (R). I'll be watching.


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Thanks, Id liek to do a recovery vehicle at some point, that woudl be the logical choice too... Definitely keeping it in mind.

Dont really know much about them, would it be possible to start with a US LAV-R and make the mods to the upper hull as needed, or shoudl I wait for the in-evitable kit?


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I am not that Adventurous ! I will wait! The roof is quite special! Not the normal Bison hatches!

Keep it in mind when the time comes!

Take care and

Great job again on this Build!

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