Beginners Cheap Airbrush Set-Up Reviewed/Noob finds his feet with an airbrush


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Aug 7, 2012
Hi guys,

I wanted to give an update on this set-up as it is now complete.,6852.0.html

I was awaiting the gauge as the gauge built-in measure psi to the tank but not leaving it so I couldn't control the fluctuation to the brush itself. I have since attached the gauge externally, I ran a line from the outlet to the guage and had to use plumbers tape to get a tight fit, another line runs from this to the brush again with tape where needed. I finally got a chance to use it and I feel like I have wasted all my time previously not using one. It was like a new door had been opened.

As for the compressor, with the gauge there is no fluctuation. I painted at 15 psi and 25psi and at one point just held down the air and watched the two gauges and the one running to the brush maintained perfect psi.

Now I'm new to airbrushing and have had a massive break from modelling but my wife even said how huge the smile was on my face using this thing. I don't think there will be another break from modelling. A big thanks to the supporters on this page as well. A huge issue I was having initially was paint mixing and I got it perfect this time thanks to the help.