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May 6, 2009
Hi all,

I've recently grown a goatee in honour of the great Mr Girvan and i've noticed that my confidence has grown, more women have started talking to me out of the blue and i've really gotten into modelling again.....coincidence.....who knows.....
I shaved and look years younger ;D

Well, maybe a few. . .

Could be all the grey in the beard though. . .
I almost have a Scott beard. But waaay shorter and some additional hairs on the sides. :p
Last time I had a soupcatcher it was all brown, but now it's all MANLY brown with white bits making me look all distinguished and i'm going thin on top too so i'm heading for Jean Luc Picard and Bruce Willis type virility (think I spelt that right?)
Yup had a full heavy beard for 15 years. Then took it off 18 months ago and everyone says I look 10 years younger! May have been the fact that it was rapidly turning white !! ;D
I keep growing a goatee and still had it when i attended the Crewe model show but the very next day i bernt of a big patch of it with my zippo melting sprue so it had to go. It looked discusting anyway as it was ginger with white patches in it.

So only grow one if your well insured against random accidents involving zippos and melting plastic ;D

My gaotee is exactly like Scott's , I've had it that way for a while now, I have such a babyface that If I shave it off I look too young.

My ex wife didnt like facial hair so I grew it after we split up to spite her I guess.
'Bout the only reason that I would grow a beard again would be so I that I could cast up a bunch of small silver goblin skulls and then plait them into it!! ;D Would probably be banished back to the shed........... In which case perhaps I should give it some thought!
I have a cool beard that sometimes transforms into a 'stach or a goatee or nothing at all. The only thing is that if I shave it off I look like Matt Damon and I have to runaway from all the girls running after me. So I keep the beard on
Good Idea Pafruu, as they would most likely try to kill you.
The joys of retirement, no shaving every day.
I didn't grow one for this years playoffs, and now since the team is winning, I am not allowed to.
Well i've ordered an orange touk (wooly hat to us english folk) from Scott so at my next model show i'm gonna pretend to be him by putting on a rather convincing canadian accent and assasinating any passing sowing machines I encounter!
I already have one. I just don't know if I should wear it. I am a bit shy and with the touque on... well... people probably look at me! ::)

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