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One of the other kits that I had on the work table was "Barking Mad" by the seemingly defunct Mad Dog Resin. I looked and there is no longer a web site for them. If anyone knows of a new site please let me know and I'll update this post.
Anyway, I've had this kit for quite a while when I was doing more buying than building. Barking Mad seems to be a cross between The Hulk, and a werewolf.
The kit comes in 4 parts - the head/body, 2 arms and the base. There were no bubbles and the seam lines were easy to eliminate.

Most of my werewolves are a brown color, so this time I decided to stick mostly to backs and grays, with a little of Vallejo's Cork Brown for contrast. I started the inside of his mouth (and eyes) with Citadel's Bugman Glow.

I added a little red wash to the werewolves eyes, and mouth as if he just had some lunch. ;) I was considering adding some blood to the base, but decided to keep it simple. I super glued the figure to the base and called this one done.

Thanks for looking.
For WIPs, have a look here :


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The blunt nose is a little bat like for my taste but your paint job is fantastic. I dig the warm gray you used for the body.

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