Bandai Special Forces TIE Build

Richard Baker

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Apr 19, 2016
Here is my build of that wonderful Bandai kit- pretty much straight out of the box.
A couple of things to note- being all black plastic I painted each panel a different type of black, from flat & gloss to reflective (this does not show up very well in the photos). This is the first build where left the window glass empty as done with the filming models. The pilots are in red outfits- I figured we never saw the special forces uniforms on screen that I remember and the red would make them more visible. Instead of leaving the panels light gray, I painted them metallic steel with a few picked out to highlight in aluminum and silver. I never liked the reversed color of the First Order TIEs and at least this way they would seem like practical hardware. I did paint some other details silver and steel- I did not use any gold/copper/brass since I wanted no warmth, just cold colors. I did dry brush the wing hubs and added some smoke-chalk to the hull and panels, most of that does not show up as well in the photos either.
This was a fun build, I have a couple of other simple ones to knock out during this CoVid "vacation" before I tackle the next big one- the lighted Bandai Star Destroyer
Here are a few photos (I did not use my black with red grid for obvious reasons, instead it is one of my landing circle sheets I made for exhibiting models at a local convention some years ago...





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