Auto Mercenary Merc


Jun 10, 2013
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Category: Auto

Name of Build: Mercenary Merc

Kit manufacturer: Revell

Scale: 1:25

I've always liked the 1949 Mercury's so I decided to build one with a little "Mad Max" attitude. I added a little extra steel on the doors and beefed up the rear fender skirts with some resin rivets from Archer. I scratched built the roof rack and added some cargo from Verlinden Productions. The gun located in the interior is from Warhammer 40k along with the rear fuel tank. I also added two cases of beans for those long trips through the wastelands. The front and rear guns were made from aluminum tubing. I wired the engine and added fuel lines to the carburetors. The painting and weathering were done in stages of pre-shading, tone variation, oil washes and filters along with airbrushed acrylics. I also used some AK Interactive and MIG products. Good luck to everyone in the contest and I hope you enjoy my entry.

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