Auto Ferrari 599 GTO


Jun 10, 2013
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Category: Auto

Name of Build: Ferrari 599 GTO

Kit manufacturer: Revell Germany

Scale: 1:24

This was a primarily out of box build with only a few minor modifications. The mods included adding .5 mm brass wire wrapped around the shocks as the coil springs, 30 gauge wire was used on the motor for the spark plug wires, and 22 gauge wire was used as the coolant hoses. The racing brakes as well as the drivers pedals and passenger foot rest were all drilled out using a pin vise for added detail. All of the chrome on the kit was striped and replaced with metalizers or other, more appropriate colors. I built the kit as components (engine, cabin, rear axle, etc.), which were individually painted and then put the vehicle together for final assembly. The exterior is done in tamiya flat red with several coats of pledge with future shine over it. This gloss coat was then polished using 3 compounds from Meguiar's automotive products (Scratch X 2.0, Ultimate compound, and Ultimate polish) which was then followed 3 coats of Meguiar's Gold Class Carnauba Wax. I used a mixture of CA, Tamiya model glue, and Micro Krystal Klear for the final assembly.

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