Auto 1937 Ford Pickup


Jun 10, 2013
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Category: Auto

Name of Build: 1937 Ford Pickup

Kit manufacturer: Revell

Scale: 1/25

This was my first time into the BSC. I decide to go with a hot rod/rat rod pickup.
I try to keep it simple with a constant theme troughout the build, red and black, classic!
For the engine, an old time V8 flathead, I put spark plug wires and a red wash on the chromed heads.
The interior is pretty simple with an old leather look.
The big decision I had to make was about the body. Since I want to put big wide tires to the back, I had to go with the fenderless option. I paint the lettered tires sidewall GoodYear logo white and put them on classic two tone 5 spoke mags, both came from my part stash. For the rear, I just have to not put the fenders, but the front ones were molded, so I had to cut them away. That bring me to scratchbuild new headlight brackets. For the wooden bed, I decide to paint it instead of the kit decal and I add BMF for the metal insert between the wood. I also added two fat exhaust tips from my stash instead of the metal kit ones.
To continue on the red/black theme, I paint all the body flat black and put the frame, engine, the stripe on the cab and the rear Ford V8 logo in red.
I used Humbrol emanel handbrushed on pretty much all the build, except for the body that is Tamiya spray can flat black with a coat of Testor Dullcoat clear.
Overall, I think I managed to bring a classic hot rod pickup that looks realistic and that you could cross in any car show.

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