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OH NO!!! After patting myself on the back for getting these pesky tiny mirrors together and gluing them with super glue, I discovered they are on wrong! Aargh! Maybe I can bend them into the right shape…..or yank them off again. Nuts!
Been there. Try this. Pantherman


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You can use nail polish remover to dissolve CA, too. It's a diluted acetone solution. Just have to watch for ones that have scents added, unless you don't mind that.
Ok, guys, you’ve always helped me before so here’s one for you: how do I put these blasted things together. My second time doing this model (1966 Chevrolet SS 396) and the first one went rear view mirror-less because I gave up. They’re so stinking puny and It’s like mounting a pin point into a tiny hole. Any assembly technique hints?
For that I would try little tiny balls of blue tack. Barely tap/stick the mirror to the blue tack so it will easily pop off. That way it won't' slide around on you. A drop of CA in the hole, let it sit for a few seconds. Use your tweezers to gently place the bracket in place. Then don't touch! for a few minutes. Use the tip of the tweezers to adjust the positioning if needed, not you fingers.

I'm also looking to invest in a "jewlers" headset with the adjustable magnification. Anyone know of affordable brands, etc.?

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