Aoshima Lamborghini Sesto Elemento instruction error


My name's actually not Steve
Jun 12, 2015
Hey, if anyone has purchased the Sesto or are planning to buy it, I'd like to direct your attention to an error I discovered in the instructions. Well, not so much of an error, but just a point that is unclear. When putting the exterior assembly together, take a look at step 14. The arrows showing the attachment of the rear window makes it look like the part should sit flush with the back external ridge of the top of the car. It is actually supposed to snuggle up inside of there. What I mean is that the top of the back window needs to be placed up inside and flush with the inside ridge along the roof of the car.

In fact, I would recommend forgoing step 11 ---the step in which the X-shaped structure that includes the rear tail lights--- be done after the top of the car is put into place. In other words, after step 15.

I hope this helps somebody at least.


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