Another Geezer Returning To The Hobby of His Youth

Werner Voss

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Jan 17, 2022
Hi All,

Like so many recent members, I was into plastic models as a kid. I actually revisited the hobby in my late 30’s. My wife and kid bought me a Paasche airbrush rig back then. Unfortunately, I simply did not have the time then as I was a road warrior. Not that I am retired, I have a job that is, but for the most part it is forty hours a week. I have spare time so I pulled out my old modeling gear. Over the holidays I built a Tamiya P-51 with my grandson. Not much paint on this one. As this was his first build, I wanted to go fairly quickly to hold his attention and hopefully hook him.

I am now building on my own the Tamiya M4A3E8 Sherman Easy Eight. I am doing this one solo and plan to have some reasonable detail emplying the airbrush. I purchased Michel Estève book, Sherman the M4 Tank in World War II for reference. I chose this as my wife’s uncle commanded a tank and was awarded the Purple Heart for wounds at The Battle of the Bulge. Family members assumed he commanded a Sherman. Alas, as part of my research I learned her uncle likely commanded an M10 tank destroyer, but I am still enjoying the M4.

My next project I hope to be the Academy B1-B 1/144 scale. My dad worked on this plane so it has a warm spot in my heart.

As one would image, I have a fondness for Fokker Triplanes. I have a partially complete 1/6 scale stick and canvas Tripe partially finished. Originally this was going to be an R/C planes when I started it in the 90’s, but I will likely finish it as a static model in the coming months.

Mar 31, 2021
I took an over twenty year break from scale modeling for My military career. Got back into it in 2019 and I still have a passion for the hobby as I did before.


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Nov 19, 2021
At some point my pubescent reasoning made me think model building wasn't cool? Or I don't know why I stopped as a teenager, but funnily enough my time in the military is what got me back into it!
Being stationed in Japan, I had access to a lot more (and a lot cheaper) kits than all of the imports I couldn't afford in the 90's.

Welcome back!

the Baron

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May 12, 2009
Welcome back to the hobby, Werner, and welcome to the Herd! I look forward to seeing some photos of your 1/6 Dr. I, that sounds cool!

Best regards,