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Great weathering here!
And that thread about asteroids-making is a ton of awesome info, thanks a lot for the link!


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Thanks so much guys!
Your support is awesome 8)

Tanker52 said:
A suggestion the rocks and boulders, look at the train section of your local hobby shop. Also, check out Hobby Lobby or craft stores that carry train accessories. There are molds for casting boulders as well as premade rocks that you can paint.
Thanks for the tip Tanker! I've seen those at my LHS and I might get my hands on some of these one day. I should have explained the reason why I was asking for tips on moulding rocks ; I actually found the rocks I want to use in my backyard but, the only problem is that, well, they're rocks and there pretty heavy ! I though I could make molds out of them and cast them with resin or plaster to make the diorama lighter. Anyway, I'm not quit there yet so I'll be playing with that idea.

Jaitea said:
Oh yeah, sooo cool !
Thanks for the link Jaitea.

Ok, update.
I did a little mistake. I wanted to accentuate the panel lines so I did a pin wash with some MIG dark wash. When I cleaned up the excess, I used MIG thinner for wash. That thing is SO strong it actually lifted up ALL of the weathering layers I did even though it was fully cured :mad: :mad: :mad:
Me was pissed!
So guess what, I started over ! I actually really like doing this. It's just disappointing that each time I make two steps ahead, I end up fu%?)ing up... oh well, that's all behind me now.
So here are some pictures of what I consider DONE:

What's left ? The stabilizers things and the inside parts of the wings... oh yeah, sealing and the diorama.

As always, your comments are much appreciated.



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Looks very good! Too bad about the mistakes, but you learn far more that way and in the end you will be a much better modeler.


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Hey guys!
Thank you all for your encouraging comments.
Been pretty busy lately with life. I managed to get some work done on the Slave; the weathering is completed. All I have left to do on the model itself is the final connections and assembly.
But what I've been working on last week is the base. I really wanted to do something different, got to be honest, I think I did more thinking then actual work. First I had a Tatoine theme but I'm already working on a docking bay 94 diorama for my falcon so that was out. Then I though about Hoth... just didn't felt right... so, what next? Sometime just getting my hands working helps. So thats what I did. I decided to pour some plaster on a base and something happened: it cracked.
So here's my idea: a Mustafar inspired base. Lava my friends !!

What I plan on doing is a cracked up surface as if it was completely dried up and lava glowing from underneath and little burst of lava here and there. ok, pictures:

Cracked plaster:

Light test with a flash light. The final base will have orange and red leds glowing from underneath.

Using some clear plastic of all kinds, I melted them under a candle to get the general form and splatter for my lava bursts. Then I'm gonna thicken it out with some silicone. After' I'm planning on painting them with a mix of transparent and opaque colors to give it some glow and texture.

I scrapped the plaster idea (just watching it makes the paint peel off). I'll use cork for my rocky-dried-up ground instead. A few natural rocks here and there to make it interesting.

For the base, I made a frame with 3" x 1" white pine.

The frame stained and varnished.

Thanks for watching guys!



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ModelMakerMike said:
Too bad you scrapped the Lava Idea....I was in love with it!
But I am sure whatever you choose will be great!
No no no, sorry for the mix up. I'm still going for a lava base, but instead of using the plaster to make the ground, I'll use cork; it's pretty easy to break up and it'll hold the paint better, I think, right ?

Grendels said:
Either base would have looked good! But that natural rock is going to be heavy....
I know.... that's why I initially wanted to mold and cast the rocks, but I have a hard time finding 2 parts resin in a large quantity, all I can find is tiny little kits for arts & crafts. Some one gave me in address in a nearby town yesterday, I'll check it out this weekend.

Cheers guys!


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Hi guys.
Finally got some work done:

I made some pretty cool looking lava mixing silicone (the type you use to calk the edges of a bath) with Freak Flex orange transparent paint. Generously spread the whole thing on a sheet of clear acrylic. When looking at as-is, it looks ok, but with the LEDs glowing from underneath, it's looks FANTASTIC. Can't wait to post some pictures tonoght to get your feedback on it.

I finally found a place where I can buy 2 part liquid resin and 2 part silicone molding... ah, stuff... whatever you call it :p This stuff is EXPANSIVE ! Yesterday I made a test molding a small rock. This morning the mold was cured. I didn't have the chance to "demold" the rock yet. Will do that tonight.

Cheers guys!


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Lava "as is". Sorry for the quality of the picture.
I made this by mixing regular silicone with transparent orange paint. The mix was then spread over a clear acrylic sheet.

To give you a rough idea, here is the cork sheet I'm planning on using. I'll break it in various sizes. The lava will then glow from underneath... hopefully :p.

Close up with the lights on.

The results of my very first mold and cast. No bubbles 8)

Uploaded with

Cheers guys!


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Wow! Careful, that lava looks hot!

Really cool base work there. This is gonna look awesome. 8)


What a piece of junk...
Hey guys!
Thanks a lot for your encouraging words.
Progress is very slow ; I'm doing a lot of thinking, planning but very little building. I finally completed the casting of the rocks I'll be using in this dio. I also started priming some of the ground work and lava splash.

Stay tuned, pictures very soon!


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