AMPS Great White North Military Model Shoe and the Aquino Tank Day


Modeller in both Plastic and Paper Card
Jan 2, 2013
On May 31 I visited the AMPS show, which was being held at the Ontario Regiment Military Museum in Oshawa ON.
At the same time the museum was having one of their Tank Days with live demonstrations and displays.
Here is my album of pics from the show. Take note that here are some pics of a BMP1 that they have.

I also have video I took of part of the live demo show. I was in the model display building when this show started and missed the WWII section. Will get more next time. During the Gulf War section The crew commanders and gunners on the Strikers are the actual crewmen for that vehicle during the war. It was nice of them to visit us from Great Briton and participate this day.

I hope you enjoy the pics and video. Where your headphones and turn up the audio to enjoy the armor goodness.


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