All Open Uber Detailed R2-D2 and C-3PO

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Jun 10, 2013
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Name of Build: Uber Detailed R2-D2 and C-3PO

Kit manufacturer: MPC 1977

Scale: 1:6th

This is the original R2 and 3PO MPC kits from 1977 built onto a single base. The key factor here was that no one thought you could fit all the lighting electronics up under the head dome of R2, but I did it with just barely enough room to spare. Even VooDooFX's lighting kit is set up so that you cannot have the 3rd leg down and the electronic board is mounted in the body. Everything remains the same on the R2 kit. All his doors (front and back open), I scratch built a Grabber Arm instead of the pitiful excuse for an arm in the kit, his third leg can be positioned up or down with complete movement. His head rotates 360 degrees, and all his logic lights and holo/mood lights light up in a semi-random pattern in the proper colors of red/green/blue/white. 3PO's Eyes will light up but that's about all he does, however I did do alot of scrath building accurate parts for him, including new hands with separate fingers, the antenna on his head, the stupid back head bump was scrathed and I spent a long time completely covering him in gold leaf foil to give him that extra shine. I did have a sound chip inside the R2 that when activated made him do his recognizable chirping, but alas during the build the speaker wire came loose from the board and to fix it would have required pulling him completely apart and starting over, so even thou its in there, it don't work. Some of the uber detailing includes the switch and jack on the underskirting, repositioning of the top dome panels, as well as added a few odds and ends that just were never fixed on the MPC. Some of you may remember the build from here as I worked on them. I did a complete build log here:,8017.0.html

And you can see the entire build process that I went thru. The custom pieces I made for R2 include the grabber arm, the hoses and the electronic circuit board that drives his lights. I mounted both on a single custom base and I went with the Empire Strikes Back look. I hope you all enjoy. Here's a video of all the features I included on the build and shows off the flashing/blinking lights more then just the static photos do.

R2-D2 and C-3PO Complete

Final Images

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