All Open Road to Disrepair France summer 1944

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Feb 5, 2014
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Name of Build: Road to Disrepair France summer 1944

Kit manufacturer: Dragon Tasca

Scale: 1/35

A diorama featuring a broken down knocked out Tiger 1 in Normandy area to which it shows a allied advance using a sherman firefly and allied troops the dio shows another side to the story of how ruthless the German airbourne soldiers were ive shown this by having them hiding behind the damaged wall about to start a counter attack,
The building was 100% scratchbuilt main parts were made from styrofoam the brick work as carved into styrofoam sheet the same process was used for the wall styrene strips were used to create the fencing alongside real roots and 1/35 ivy leaves groundwork was finished by using grass clumps earth and sand the tanks were detailed using aftermarket PE items and fruil tracks

Final Images

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