All Open Project Mercury 9


Jun 10, 2013
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Category: All Open

Name of Build: Project Mercury 9

Kit manufacturer: Pegasus Hobbies

Scale: 1/350

Imagine the world hanging in the balance, it really doesn't matter why, but some stray general decides it is his duty to save us all. He commissions the Mercury 9 to go out and save the day....

This model was built in tribute to the Sci Fi movies I use to watch as a kid. I loved the feeling of excitement that the big rocket gave me as it blasted off to the unknown.....

The Mercury 9 was modified to include three 4060 timing chips so that the engines on the side pulse as she is sitting waiting to launch.

The command center has a large view screen in the back ground. This was done by a printed image on plastic sheet, and back lit by LED.

The radar tower has a blinking position marker, and the C-130 has a strobe position light on the top side, this was done with a 555 timing chip.

Fiber optics were employed through out the build.

All of the lighting was scratch built.

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