AK Worn Effects test on first tank build


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Oct 26, 2020
Just got to the point I could put my paint mule tank together so I can start the learning process with armor. Today I practiced with AK Worn Effects and I gotta say I really like the stuff. I know I can use hairspray but this AK stuff doesn't even smell so my nose tells me stick with it. I got a little carried away but this is just a learning tool for me so gotta lose inhibitions and give it a go. I painted it with Tamiya Acrylics first with a olive drab faded with a mix of 2 to 1 with dark yellow. after it dried I sprayed on the worn effects (sprays like water) let it dry a few minutes and sprayed the same base color lightened 1 to 1 with Buff. Then that dried and I went to work with water and a q-tip. I'm thinking about doing this one more time with an even lighter shade since U.S. tanks faded so much. Just wanted to share it at this point for opinions or tips on it since this is my first piece of armor I've touched since the firecracker days of my youth. I'll be painting the couple small pieces of stowage later, just wanted to throw something on there to practice with. Tracks are the next thing on my list, but that's for another less humid day.


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