AK Gauzy Agent vs. Humbrol ClearFix


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Apr 5, 2023
There are two products which i didn't ever use and planning to use on my modern armor machine gun lenses to give it 3D look. I won't use much, i only build modern armor kits, which one is worth buying you think?
I used Gauzy over Alclad and it doesn't affect the reflectivity effect which is great. It sprays out beautifully and levels out smooth as glass. Love using it and highly recommend it.
No. Alclad Aqua Gloss, which is the best acrylic gloss on the market
I can't reach any alclad products where i live, do you think craft store gloss medium will work? Those are not transparent liquids but like milky color, how do you make them transparent by the way? Or do they turn out transparent once cured? I never used them, it'll be first time i ever use. And do you also use them as gloss coat under decals?
I have not tried that one! If you are trying to create glass like effects on things like sights and control panels, I think that is a different discussion. I know some people use canopy glued to do that. I only use Guazy for gloss coats.
You mean artistic gloss medium?
No. It’s an acrylic clear similar to Future but better. I have used both Aqua Gloss and Gauzy , both great products but Aqua Gloss will dial down metallic reflectivity while Gauzy does not. I prefer Gauzy from experience.

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