Airfix Avro Vulcan B.2 1/72 Black Buck conversion


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Jun 22, 2022
Hello! I just got the new Airfix Vulcan B.2, and am surprised there is no Operation Black Buck option in the kit. Does anyone know if there are after-market parts available for the wing pylons, AGM missiles, ECM pod, and the nose blister for the ground-following radar? (There are decals available, and I've got them.)

I have found apparently outdated references to a Harrier Models soft metal conversion kit, like this one:, but can't find that or anything similar available online anywhere.

I understand that the older Airfix kit came with the nose blister and pylons (though no missiles or ECM pod). So I suppose another option would be to buy an older Airfix kit just for those parts. But the cost seems a bit prohibitive for some parts that a) aren't complete and b) were not highly praised when they came out. (Though I suppose the missiles and pod could be sourced separately without too much trouble.)

If anyone has ideas for sourcing a quality after-market set, I would much appreciate it.

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