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Jan 3, 2021
3mm needle correcting thinning? And getting rased small like pills or blotches on my work.(Voyager) using correct air pressure according to paint manufacturer. Less then 6 inches from work 40/ 20 psi. What am i doing wrong?
When I asked what size needle I meant the tip size , not the needle shaft diameter .
It will be in the range of .2 to .6 mm . ( like .25mm , .35mm , .65 mm etc - depends on the brand of airbrush )
Does your airbrush have only one size spray tip and corresponding needle ?

To recap ,What paint and thinner ?
and how much thinner are you using ?
20 psi should be enough for most coatings -- is that 40 psi the tank or compressor discharge pressure , before the regulator ?
The tip 3mm. Yes. Master airbrush. But i own badger and Iwata. Neo. Never used them yet.
Ultimate thinner.
For the Vallejo. Ultimate recommends 70%
40 psi in the tank. Discharge down to 20%.
I have a pretty good airbrush technique by watching videos on youtube. But cant get a good coat of paint on my project.
You're using Vallejo paint ?
Model Color or Model Air ?
You're using 70 % thinner , 30 % paint ??!
If so , that's way too much thinner .
I don't know what this " Ultimate " thinner is . Vallejo's airbrush thinner works great with their paint .
The vallejo primer was acting the same way and did not needed to be thinned. So they said.
You said in the other thread you were holding the airbrush 6 inches ( 15 cm ) away from the work ?
That's kinda far . I spray at half that distance , or less .
Move closer and decrease the thinner amount by half -- like 50 / 50 , but I think you should be able to spray Model Color with only 30 % or so thinner and 70 % paint .
The Model Color is very inconsistent in viscosity from color to color so you need to experiment with each one unfortunately .

I see from this the chart you're using :
I can't find a material safety data sheet ( SDS , MSDS ) on that stuff so I have zero idea what is in it .

Spray closer to the work for starters -- I'm guessing if you're spraying from 6 inches away on average you may be prone to spraying even farther away from the work in areas and that's when this issue of dry paint hitting the model is happening .
I am going to try to airbrush the lower hull section of Voyager. Light gray 70%/30% gray. And you suggested 30% thinner? I will test it on somthink other then the model.
Yes , test mixtures to see how low an amount of thinner works well .
70 % thinner seems high , but I have no experience with the thinner you are using .
Model Color can be kinda thick so ... ?
Sounds like you are too far away from the work --- try spraying closer without changing anything else to see if that solves your issue .
As a lay preson i think no matter what the reviews say i think master airbrushs suck. Getting the same problems. I want to use the bager but the instuctions dont tell me what size needle. Its a 105 have to go on line and find out. The Neo is a bottom feeder. I have other master with a smaler bowl and it has a 2mm needle. I think something is wrong with the 3mm gun its pitting and when i release the triger slowly to go back just to air it puts down more paint.
I have one of those Badger 105 Extreme -- I hardly use it .
99% of the time I use my Paasche Talon .
The Extreme has a . 3 mm tip .

Can you post a photo of the paint problem you're having ?
Don't know if you can see that. But when i was practicing on a peace of plastic i could see the gun deposit small pieces of paint. And i always thoroughly clean my guns.


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Check the tip of the needle .
A bent tip will cause bad atomization and splatter like that .
This is with 70% of the mix being that Ultimate thinner ?
I recommend you get a bottle of Vallejo's airbrush thinner
Or ,
this Golden one which most art supply stores will stock :

Needle is not bent and yes. That was before we talked. On the test piece of plastic you can see a little bit. This is at 30% thining.


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What do you think of this thinner,


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