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Feb 17, 2022

I’m not sure this is the correct forum, but it’s about a ship model. If it should go somewhere else hopefully it can be moved.

I don’t have any experience with ship models. Mainly I’ve built Gundams and one Star Trek Enterprise by Polar Lights. But I just got my first naval vessel. The Iron Shipwrights Knox class. I got this because a Knox class ship, USS Valdez FF-1096 was named for my uncle and I want to build it. I’ve never done a resin kit before though. Is this going to be beyond my skill level for the time being? What sorts of differences from the plastic models I’m accustomed to should I expect?

Thank you all for reading this and any replies and advice you have!



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Mar 18, 2013
First , you have this in the correct forum .
My advice is go for it .
Resin parts can't be solvent welded together like polystyrene so you'll be using CA adhesive ( super glue ) and the parts might need more clean up of flash or other casting artifacts .
Wash all the parts well in soapy water to remove any remaining release agent used during the casting process before starting . Release agent isn't used with injection molding .
Other than that , just ask away if you have any questions as you build her out .

The Valdez has a very interesting history :

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May 12, 2009
Also, you might have to pin some parts when attaching them-for alignment, and for join strength. And don't feel bad if you find that some parts are better replaced with scratch-built parts. Even on injection-molded kits, some parts are better replaced with scratchbuilt parts, if not photo-etched parts. If you look ship builds online, you'll see modifications the modeler made on any given build, and get some ideas of things you might do. But resin kits are great, and many subjects not otherwise available in other media, are available in resin.

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