Adventures in 3d printing


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Feb 20, 2021
Good for you! 3D printing can be a real PITA, but it is also very satisfying. I finally got to the point where I designed and printed the little green wagon in my avatar. That sort of thing gives me a lot of satisfaction. Keep up the good work.


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Oct 26, 2020
I'm 69 in April trying to learn cad has been kicking my ass. Got back into modeling, but going for realistic 1/35 scale zombie/apocalypse dioramas and not the Mad Max look. After watching more than one YT video on resin printers, bit the bullet, buying a used Elegoo Mars P from Evilbay. But then got sick, but a few months later after watching more YT videos, bought a new Elegoo Saturn resin printer. Ended up going to VA ER several weeks ago, but getting better now. Need to move stuff around in the livingroom, then pick up one of those 5 shelf shelving units, at which time I can run both at the same time. During all of this, I've downloaded for free, about 5+K of files of different things that aren't available as kits. Thing is, the majority of modern AFV's have NO interiors?! Bought 2 books for $80 total on every version of the Stryker, with LOTS of interior photos. Hope is to cad interiors for the 3 different Strykers I have...APC, command post and medical unit. What's surprised me is more modelers haven't jumped on using 3D printers. Also got a bunch of figures that I hope to modify as survivors or zombies. It's a pita to modify plastic figures and resin ones go for about $7-$8 each. But I'm retired, so got time on my hands.
Good to hear, I decided to put any new purchases on hold for now. Post some pics of things you've printed.