Admiral Graf Spee from Contest to the Finish


Jun 10, 2021
Such a beautiful ship, not to sound sympathetic to that generation but the story of this ship and captain is pretty interesting, the captain was known for being very humane in that he was known for allowing the crews of ships he would sink to abandon before being sunk so there would be no casualties especially civilian merchant vessels. It is believed at of the large number of ships sunk by this vessel there was very few human casualties. Eventually the ship was cornered and out manuevered badly damaged and forced to seek shelter in a south American country for repairs, however the country would not allow them to stay and make repairs and the allied forces were waiting outside the harbor, faced with the fate of defeat the captain steamed the ship out of the harbor and ordered the crew to rig explosives in the ammo bunker afterwards they abandoned the ship and it exploded they allies could not claim her, unfortunately faced with this fate the captain grief stricken from loosing this prized vessel commited suicide

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