Adeptus Astartes-Hell Hounds


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For this build, I'm going back into my old history and doing new versions of my old "Hell Hounds" Space Marines Chapter from the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

Going to be using a boxed set of Mark IV Space Marines, as well as a boxed set of Space Marine Intercessors

Going to also be using a Primaris Captain as the base for the "Master of the Hounds" as well as some "Space Marine Heroes" Terminators.
I also picked up the Pimaris and normal Space Wolves upgrade packs for these, as well as some 3d printed shoulder pads from Shapeways

Also decided to add a couple fo groups from the "Space Marine Adventures" game

The Terminators built up very quickly as they were designed to be press fit together.
I was very impressed by both the fit and the detail of the figures

The "Space Marine Advetures" figures were engineered along the same lines and wen together just as easily.
They were molded in different colors to make it so painting wasn't required to tell their Chapters



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The first major modification came with the Missile Launcher from the MkIV set
The right shoulder pad was originally molded as part of the piece, so I had to modify oit accordingly to use the new shoulder

The MkIv Marines went together very well after that

The Primaris group was assembled mostly OOB, with the exceltion of my using a chainsword from the upgrade pack for the Sergeant

The "Master of the Hounds" is agruably the most customized of the set, using pieces from both upgrade sets, as well as the sword from the old metal Eldat Avatar figure



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The group was primered in Vallejo Dark Panzer Grey primer by hand, because my airbrush died

The right shoulder and left boots for all of them were painted in using Vallejo ModelAir Dark Ghost Grey.
I also used this for the two cloaks as well as the Sergeants' helmets



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The figures were then drybrushed with Citadel's Ledbelcher

Chest eagles and some other details were painted in with Vallejo brass



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Painted in some of the weapons with Citadel Ledbelcher, followed by a good deal of other detail painting.
The non-black areas were given a black wash to further accent the details, and then some sand was glued onto the bases using PVA glue

The "Master of the Hounds"

MkIV Space Marine Armour


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